Walt Disney Animation Studios | Fantasia (1940) » ★★★★ 
“What you’re going to see are the designs and pictures and stories that music inspired in the minds and imaginations of a group of artists.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios | Pinocchio (1940) » ★★★½
“Like a bolt out of the blue, fate steps in and sees you through.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios | Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) » ★★★★★
“There’s no use in grumbling when raindrops come tumbling.”

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 51. Winnie the Pooh (2011) | ★★★★

Favorite characters: Piglet & Eeyore
Favorite scene: "The Backson Song"

The trailer for this movie was criminal. This movie is short and sweet and I adored it. Some people complained about the length, but they seemed to forget that Dumbo was just as short. I love that John Cleese and Craig Ferguson are in this, and I love the whole aspect of the characters interacting with the words and the pages of the book. It’s a cute movie and it makes me happy, end of story.

And so, it looks like I’m all caught up… I started doing this a year ago today - before this film even came out - with Snow White, and I intend to continue as WDAS puts out more films. In the meantime I might create some kind of challenge/meme or something for me to do, since I don’t really like any of the other ones out there now. Hm…

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 50. Tangled (2010) | ★★★★★

Favorite characters: Pascal & Maximus
Favorite scene: "Kingdom Dance"

This might have been the hardest decision I’ve had to make thus far on a favorite scene, with so many great ones to choose from - in particular, both the reprises and “I See the Light,” but as I was watching the “Kingdom Dance” montage I realized that it was probably my favorite thing in the movie. The animation in this movie is so fantastic. In some movies, I find the computer animation to be a bit distracting - it’s so obvious that it was made by a computer that it starts to feel… artificial, I guess? But then, this kind of animation has come a long way from that, because the animation in Tangled feels as “real” as hand-drawn (I know this doesn’t make much sense - it makes sense in my sleep deprived mind), and the depth of emotions that are portrayed in these characters’ faces is kind of astounding. When I saw this movie in theaters for the first time, there were a few parts where I felt a bit overwhelmed by emotion, and I felt the exact same way when I watched it today.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 49. The Princess and the Frog (2009) | ★★★★½

Favorite characters: Naveen & Ray
Favorite scene: "Almost There"

It’s hard to pinpoint any one thing, but this blog was probably at least partially responsible for me becoming re-obsessed with Disney. I remember exactly where I saw it and who I saw it with and I remember, even though I wasn’t as obsessed as I am now, being so excited that Disney was doing traditional animation again. Anyway it was really hard for me to choose a favorite scene between “Ma Belle Evangeline” and “Friends on the Other Side,” but “Almost Here” won out because I just love the change in animation style in the dream sequences I guess. In my mind this was going to be an extremely eloquent post about how lovely this film is but it’s 6 am, I haven’t slept, and I can’t focus on anything for more than about sixty seconds so I’m going to leave it at that.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 48. Bolt (2008) | ★★★★

Favorite characters: Rhino & Bolt
Favorite scene: Bolt saves Penny from the fire

Well, I’ve now officially seen all the movies in the WDAS canon! This movie felt a lot more “Disney” to me than the last few movies on the list have. I knew next to nothing about this movie going in, so at first I thought it actually was a movie about a dog with superpowers. The only thing about this movie that I wasn’t a huge fan of was honestly Penny’s voice… Just not a big fan of the squeaky thing Miley Cyrus has going on. I was excited to hear Greg Germann’s voice, not knowing he was going to be in this. Though every time he said anything about “putting a pin in it” or “true story” my mind translated it to “bygones” or “Fishism!”

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 47. Meet the Robinsons (2007) | ★★★½

Favorite characters: Wilbur & Franny
Favorite scene: Lewis meets the Robinsons

I did expect to like this movie, but I wound up liking it more than I expected. I had a hard time deciding on two favorite characters between Wilbur, Franny, Carl, Lewis, and young Goob. I love the take on time travel, even though it’s one that you can’t really let yourself think about too much. The only thing I can really fault the movie for is the fact that it seemed pretty predictable to me - I figured out that “Bowler Hat Guy” was Goob and that Lewis would grow up to be Cornelius far before I think I was supposed to. Anyway this movie is really strange and fun and I love the Walt Disney connection and the whole “Keep Moving Forward” thing. So besides some predictable plot twists and an initially dizzying number of characters with complicated relations, this was quite an enjoyable little film.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 46. Chicken Little (2005) | ★★

Favorite characters: Fish Out of Water & Chicken Little
Favorite scene: The dodgeball scene

Not as bad as Home on the Range, but still not great. I really wanted to like it at the very beginning, but it was kind of lacking focus. The whole science fiction aspect didn’t really present itself ‘til about halfway through the movie, so it seemed a bit out of place when it did. The characters are cute, bu most of the humor is kind of immature and unfunny. There are a few good voice actors here, too, but again, not much else. I guess the one really good thing that came out of this movie is Disney’s decision to buy Pixar.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 45. Home on the Range (2004) | ★½

Favorite characters: Grace & Wesley
Favorite scene: "Yodel-Adle-Eedle-Idle-Oo"

It’s really not too hard to see how this was the movie that made Disney stop trying to do tradition animation. But it’s not the animation that’s the problem here. The story moves quickly, but it’s sort of dull. The character designs are not much to look at and I don’t feel any kind of connection with any of them, really. There were just so many minor characters taking away from the time that maybe would have been spent developing the major characters. The whole “pied piper” aspect was interesting and something I wasn’t expecting going in (knowing next to nothing about this movie, never having seen it before today), but there really weren’t many redeeming qualities to this movie, unfortunately. The “twist” where Rico was working for Slim? So predictable. Can we for once have a character who looks stereotypically villain-ish who isn’t a villain? Anyway, this movie features some seriously talented voice actors, but beyond that, I wasn’t too impressed.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 44. Brother Bear (2003) | ★★★½

Favorite characters: Koda & Sitka
Favorite scene: "On My Way"

This was the last Disney movie I saw before I got to the point where I was “too cool” to go see Disney movies, which is why I haven’t seen the next four yet. I had it on DVD (I had won it in a raffle) and I remember thinking the totem thing was so cool and wondering what mine would be. It’s a really adorable movie, and also really pretty at times, especially with the whole northern lights thing. I forgot that Phil Collins did the music. I love his music for Tarzan, and the music here is pretty good too.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 43. Treasure Planet (2002) | ★★★

Favorite characters: Captain Amelia & Morph
Favorite scene: "I’m Still Here"

The CGI can be a bit jarring at times, not really looking at home in the animated environment it’s thrown into (although sometimes it does work), and the pacing is a bit… haphazard, but this is nonetheless an enjoyable movie. I remember liking it when it came out, mainly because I thought Morph was adorable and Captain Amelia was a BAMF… and that’s still true.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 42. Lilo & Stitch (2002) | ★★★½

Favorite characters: Stitch & Nani
Favorite scene: "Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride"

This movie is so cute. I remember thinking Stitch was the cutest thing ever when it came out. There are so many things combined that you wouldn’t think would work (aliens, Hawaii, social workers, and Elvis?) yet somehow they do. Plus Lilo and the other girls her age act and talk just like girls their age do. Some of the CGI elements aren’t my favorite, but this movie still makes me smile. “Don’t leave me, okay?” “Okay.” Gah. Adorable.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 41. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) | ★★★½

Favorite characters: Milo & Audrey
Favorite scene: Milo translates the underwater murals

I like this movie, but I think it suffers from an abundance of minor, underdeveloped characters. And the little scenes dedicated to those characters tends to take away from the development of the more central ones. Any Disney movie is going to have minor characters, of course, and I think some of them, like Audrey and Helga, are good. On the other hand, characters like Cookie and Packard, while amusing, don’t really serve any sort of purpose to the plot and I think the movie would have honestly been better off without them. This movie has some awesome voices in it - Michael J. Fox and Leonard Nimoy, for goodness sake - and probably the darkest dark side of any movie in the Disney animated canon, especially when it comes to violence.

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 40. The Emperor’s New Groove (2000) | ★★★½

Favorite characters: Chicha & Pacha
Favorite scene: The restaurant scene

Not one of my favorites, but I definitely think this movie is underrated. The voice acting (David Spade and John Goodman) is pretty awesome, and I love the movie’s self-aware, somewhat self-deprecating humor. It’s got some great characters, including somewhat minor ones like Chicha and her children. Kronk is pretty great, too, and I love the scene where the guards, transformed into animals, chase after Pacha and Kuzco. A pretty entertaining, fast-paced film.

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