Walt Disney Animation Studios Challenge
9 Heroes → Basil of Baker Street from The Great Mouse Detective

Walt Disney Animation Studios | 26. The Great Mouse Detective (1986) | ★★★★

Favorite characters: Basil of Baker Street & Olivia Flaversham
Favorite scene: The scene at Big Ben

Maybe it’s my lifelong love of Sherlock Holmes talking, but I have always loved this movie. I think it’s extremely underrated and I wish more people had seen it because it’s just wonderful. I was complaining about Eilonwy’s character in The Black Cauldron, the last movie I watched. It may seem a strange comparison to make, but Olivia is everything Eilonwy is not. Even when her situation is somewhat hopeless, Olivia is strong and always fights back. I never once noticed her cowering behind Basil or any other male character. Basil himself is wonderfully Holmes-ish, Dr. Dawson is extremely lovable, and I love the idea that there could be a 221½.

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