Catswalk #2 (Cavern Club Rehearsal)
  • The Beatles - Catswalk (Cavern Club Rehearsal Bootleg)

    I had completely forgotten about this song, but I just stumbled upon it again… I used to have a bunch of Beatles bootlegs when I was in middle school (I lost them somewhere along the way unfortunately) and this one was probably my favorite. I remember listening to it repeatedly. It’s short and sweet and it doesn’t have any lyrics, but I’m still very fond of it.

  • "Excuse the mess, won’t you? Packing."

  • → “Still the same as they was before they was.”

  • → “British, you see? Useless.”

  • → “RINGO!”

  • → “Well, you didn’t miss your tonsils, did you?”

  • Things I want to do:

    • Watch/gif Help! because it’s been far too long since I’ve watched it.

    Things I should do:

    • That essay I have due Monday
    • That take-home test I have due Monday
    • That math homework I have due Monday (although I have until 11 pm Monday to do it so that’s not as urgent)
    • (I should mainly do these things because Kenya just may be coming to see me Monday morning and so I should go to bed early Sunday night!)