Well, I’m going to do exactly what I like, and to hell with the rest of them.

nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands…

You are overruled. Which is my privilege as producer from time to time, is it not?

I remember seeing Clueless when I was like fourteen, and I just thought that Alicia Silverstone—all of the actors, but particularly her—were really funny in that film. I just thought, “You know it’s a performance, because it’s slightly heightened.” I could understand that she was acting. She gave me so much pleasure because I saw that film like a hundred times. I could sit down and watch that film tonight and think, “Thank you, Alicia Silverstone,” because that has made me laugh for hours and hours of my life. I definitely saw that and thought, “I’d like to do that.”


We keep fighting…about you.

I thought I might lead with the death of Dior.

I already have a husband.

Sarah Anne. 23. INTJ.

I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things. ~ ♦

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