Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.05 - Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.04 - Teacher’s Pet

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.04 - Teacher’s Pet


Reality Subtext - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When Angel breaks up with Buffy in the third season, the tears are real. Sarah Michelle Gellar, who considers Angel and Buffy soulmates, apparently cried for so long that the set had to be shut down briefly.

  • Similarly, in the episode of Angel where Angel becomes human and he and Buffy have 24 hours of perfect bliss before he voluntarily gives it all up, Gellar was so distraught during filming that viewers can actually hear actor David Boreanaz consoling Sarah by name rather than Angel comforting Buffy. She even asked Joss Whedon to rewrite the scene.

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.01 - Welcome to the Hellmouth



Top 10 13 Angel the Series episodes (in order of preference) - 12. 1x08- I will remember you.


Angel (the spin-off of Buffy) and if you don't know that....... Harry Potter? o.o

Haha I have the logo for Angel on my sidebar and it’s listed as one of the things I like so yes! I know it.

My het OTP: If you don’t count Angel/Buffy, then… Wesley/Fred. Or maybe even Angel/Darla.
My slash OTP: Spike/Angel
My femslash OTP: Fred/Willow. ALWAYS.
My endgame OTP: I guess I don’t really have anything I feel strongly enough to put into this category haha.
My original OTP: Angel/brooding. I was still not over Angel/Buffy at the beginning, I guess haha.
My crack OTP: Darla/Angelus/Drusilla/Spike (in flashbacks). I guess that’s pretty crack-y.
My guilty pleasure OTP: ^
My anti-OTP: Connor/Cordelia… pardon me while I puke everywhere. I wasn’t a big fan of Angel/Cordelia either, but I wasn’t vehemently against it.


do yo unot like spuffy either?! HIGH FIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

I actually like Spike a lot (most of the time), but I can’t stand Spuffy. I expected to like it because everyone else seemed to but like… She was pretty much using him and she never cared about him like he cared about her. Plus I guess I was still hung up on Buffy and Angel.

“I suppose some girls might find him good-looking. If they have eyes. Okay, he’s a honey!” — Buffy

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 9 - Favorite Romance

Come on, they’re soulmates. I love Spike, but not with Buffy. And I hated Riley. 

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 2 - Favorite Episode

So… I couldn’t choose just one. So I chose six! Day 2 and I’m already breaking the rules.

2x06 - Halloween - One of the few episodes where I actually liked Xander! But only when he was all army-man. Plus there’s plenty of Giles being a badass, and Angel being confused, which are both much appreciated.

2x13 - Surprise - What can I say? I guess I like being emotionally tormented by television shows. Also, I’m pretty sure a Claddagh ring is the way to my heart.

3x06 - Band Candy - Do I even need to explain this one?

4x10 - Hush - Soo much of this episode is pure awesome. If only Riley didn’t exist, it would be perfect. Plus it has one of my favorite scenes in any television show ever.

6x07 - Once More, with Feeling - This is another one I probably don’t have to explain. But guh. Basically the episode where I finally started loving Spike. Like, seriously? That one line in “Rest in Peace”? Seriously.

6x08 - Tabula Rasa - I don’t even know why I love this so much but I do. Just Randy Giles and Anya and Giles thinking they’re engaged and Buffy being Joan and Anya not being able to pronounce her own name and Xander being all “hey” to Willow and JUST EVERYTHING!

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