Themed Party| Challenge 36 : Behind the scenes → House M.D.

House 1.01 - Pilot

I don’t know how to feel about this… Like, I was okay with Cuddy being gone but now that Thirteen’s not going to be around much… Ugh. At least Wilson’s still around I guess.

Genre swap → House as a fun medical comedy!

@frankenteen: just an average flight to dallas. yep, nothing unusual about it. no big deal [x]

This video is made of so much win.

House 6.17 - Lockdown

a.k.a. The only episode where Foreman and Taub were ever interesting.

House 5x11 - Joy to the World

I shipped this so much until it actually happened. Awkward couple is awkward.

House 1x05 - Damned If You Do


HOUSE M.D.: Behind the scenes.



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