Sarah Anne. 23. INTJ.

I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things.

Currently obsessing over Jersey Boys and Boardwalk Empire.

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Oh god. This… I hate to even call him my friend because this makes me not even want to associate with him… so this guy I know told me once that he doesn’t believe in evolution. I assumed it was because he’s religious (not obnoxiously so - he actually never talks about it), but he insisted that wasn’t it so I asked him why. He said “I just don’t like to think about being descended from monkeys.” So I said, “Oh, so you don’t not believe in evolution, you just don’t like to think about the fact?” And he said, “No, I just don’t believe in it because I think it’s gross.”


He also doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, so make of that what you will.

In related news, why is it impossible to find anyone in Chicago who isn’t either obsessed with partying every night or a complete psychopath? Food for thought.