Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.08 - I, Robot… You, Jane

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.06 - The Pack

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5x07 - Fool for Love

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 5.07 - Fool for Love

Xander: What’s with the hand move? You see that? Does that like, mean something?
Willow: It’s code. I think it breaks down to… choo-choo.
Anya: It probably means to follow him. That or wait here for him.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2x07 - Lie to Me

Xander: Angel was in your bedroom?!

Willow: Ours is a forbidden love.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2.07 - Lie to Me

Does this ship even have a name? If it were up to me, I’d have to go with Xandelia. It’s just so much fun to say.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer 6.18 - Entropy

"He is so cool. I mean, the girl’s hot too."

I prefer them to Spike/Buffy and Anya/Xander. SUE ME.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 10 - Least Favorite Season

The first one. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it! The main problem with season one is IT’S TOO SHORT! I know that’s not in anyone’s control and it was a mid-season replacement and all that, but still. Also, the largely unexplained revival of Buffy in the season finale kind of irked me. If season one was longer, my least favorite might have been season four or seven. Four because of all the Riley (although “Hush” might have redeemed it) and seven just because… it was just meh.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 7 - Least Favorite Male Character

Blech. Nothing to even say about this.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 4 -  Favorite Female Character

Anya! :D

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 3 - Favorite Song Used in an Episode

So I mistakenly thought this was “favorite use of a song.” I wouldn’t be able to choose my favorite song because I’d have to have a list of all of them… And that would be hard to decide. And seems kind of irrelevant. So, this is my favorite USE of a song, excluding “Once More, with Feeling,” because that seems like cheating. Anyway. Yeah. Giles singing “Behind Blue Eyes” was basically epic. 

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 2 - Favorite Episode

So… I couldn’t choose just one. So I chose six! Day 2 and I’m already breaking the rules.

2x06 - Halloween - One of the few episodes where I actually liked Xander! But only when he was all army-man. Plus there’s plenty of Giles being a badass, and Angel being confused, which are both much appreciated.

2x13 - Surprise - What can I say? I guess I like being emotionally tormented by television shows. Also, I’m pretty sure a Claddagh ring is the way to my heart.

3x06 - Band Candy - Do I even need to explain this one?

4x10 - Hush - Soo much of this episode is pure awesome. If only Riley didn’t exist, it would be perfect. Plus it has one of my favorite scenes in any television show ever.

6x07 - Once More, with Feeling - This is another one I probably don’t have to explain. But guh. Basically the episode where I finally started loving Spike. Like, seriously? That one line in “Rest in Peace”? Seriously.

6x08 - Tabula Rasa - I don’t even know why I love this so much but I do. Just Randy Giles and Anya and Giles thinking they’re engaged and Buffy being Joan and Anya not being able to pronounce her own name and Xander being all “hey” to Willow and JUST EVERYTHING!

Okay so based on the last one I tried to do, I’m clearly quite bad at keeping up with 30 Day Challenges. But with the amount of procrastination I’m doing these days, I’m pretty sure I could afford to do one.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 1 - Favorite Season

I’m as surprised as anyone at this, but I suppose season six would be my favorite. This is weird for a number of reasons that I will mention, but when I took my list of favorite episodes and tallied them up, I had eight favorites in season six (second place was season four, with seven). This is weird because there’s a severe lack of Giles in this season, with him not being part of the main cast anymore, plus there’s no Angel, and Dawn exists. Not to mention I hated the beginning of the season with a burning passion. Oh, and Tara dies.

But it makes up for it with a lot of awesome episodes, including “Once More, with Feeling.” I really love “Tabula Rasa,” too. Whenever my psych teacher says tabula rasa, in my head I’m like “Buffy Buffy Buffy.”


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