The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)


my favorite thing about kermit the frog is that sometimes he makes this face


Favorite films » The Muppet Movie (1979), James Frawley
"There’s not a word yet for old friends who’ve just met."

It was a nice day (66 degrees in March what), I went for a walk when I got out of class, inevitably wound up a mile and a half from campus at the Disney store… Went a little crazy, as I’m wont to do.

Beaker appreciation post.

tinyjewishsanta replied to your photoset: Say hello to my New Year’s date.


Say hello to my New Year’s date.


Yes, this is Jim Henson, but this blog needs some Muppets love, too. 

So… we have this tradition where we each open one gift on Christmas Eve, and this is what I got! My parents know me far too well… We’re going to go watch this now.

Also… I stole my dad’s tie halfway through the night because it was too cool not to.

The Muppets

"Now I understand who I am."

I already have a husband.

Sarah Anne. 23. INTJ.

I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things. ♦

Currently obsessing over Jersey Boys. No regrets.

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