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    It wasn’t that bad though.

    And the movie itself was good.

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    itsguhlinda asked:
  • 7, 9, 11, 25!

    7. Favorite character to meet in the parks.

    The Mad Hatter. Particularly this Hatter.

    9 - already answered.

    11. Favorite attraction at EPCOT

    Not considering the World Showcase since it has a separate question, Spaceship Earth. It might be my favorite anyway.

    25. Favorite park symbol/icon.

    These are only supposed to be WDW-related, right? Cinderella’s Castle. Then probably Spaceship Earth.

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    I mean, even though the article is old, it’s not that old. the picture says Disney on it. Which is why I believe what they have to say. It’s probably going to happen. I hope it does. If it doesn’t, then it won’t phase me because it’s not a big deal.

    It’s old enough that, if a reputable source had reported on it, it would be common knowledge by now. And yes, the picture says Disney on it, but I don’t see how that’s relevant. Just because the reporter happened to go to an official Disney press conference, doesn’t mean that they have reported accurately. If what is claimed in the article had actually been said and wasn’t just the reporter’s misunderstanding, then it would have been reported many many times over from many different sources. I could find no other independent articles claiming the same thing.

    Anyway, besides that, I don’t think they will add Merida to the lineup just because they’ve been really consistent in the past with the princesses that are introduced into the franchise. They have all been from Walt Disney Animation Studios movies, and, more than that, they have all been from musicals. All of the current princesses sing, which allows them to appear on the princess albums that they come out with, and things like that. Could they still add Merida to the lineup? Sure. They could. But I would be willing to bet money that they won’t. Someone mentioned that they’ve featured her in some princess merch immediately after the movie came out, but that’s how marketing and promotion works - they’ve featured other non-official princesses in merch with official princesses before with no changes being made to the lineup.

    Plus, 10 is a really nice, even number. And they announced long before Tangled came out that Rapunzel would be added to the lineup.

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  • Replies to Kass, Ket, and Kenya under the cut read more(?)… (wow look at all those Ks)

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  • Kenya tagged me in a thing so here we go!

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  • I’ll take it.

  • I don’t know if it’s my webcam microphone, but for some reason it sounds like I’m pronouncing things really weirdly… Maybe I just don’t know how to talk and I never realized until today. I know the webcam microphone makes things sound a little fuzzy, but come on…

    Anyway here’s a random little video. Maybe I mentioned you. 

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  • Things I want to do:

    • Watch/gif Help! because it’s been far too long since I’ve watched it.

    Things I should do:

    • That essay I have due Monday
    • That take-home test I have due Monday
    • That math homework I have due Monday (although I have until 11 pm Monday to do it so that’s not as urgent)
    • (I should mainly do these things because Kenya just may be coming to see me Monday morning and so I should go to bed early Sunday night!)