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  • 50 Favorite Songs in No Order (#44) →  In a World of My Own; Alice in Wonderland
    “I could listen to a babbling brook, and hear a song that I can understand.
    I keep wishing it will be that way. Because my world would be a wonderland.


    19 bluebirds is far too many for one shoulder to handle.

    Look at them all.

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  • I’ll take it.

  • I don’t know if it’s my webcam microphone, but for some reason it sounds like I’m pronouncing things really weirdly… Maybe I just don’t know how to talk and I never realized until today. I know the webcam microphone makes things sound a little fuzzy, but come on…

    Anyway here’s a random little video. Maybe I mentioned you. 

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    itsguhlinda asked:

  • I just had an absurdly long conversation with Kenya regarding

    • the Now CDs
    • classic rock bands that are better than AC/DC

    And now it’s almost 5

    and I’m nowhere near caught up on my dash

    and I must get caught up before I sleep.

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  • thedailywhat:

    Dramatic Interpretation of the Day: Facebookpiece Theater presents: A dramatic interpretation of a public conversation three 7th graders (and Kelly) had underneath a Facebook photo.


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  • Things I want to do:

    • Watch/gif Help! because it’s been far too long since I’ve watched it.

    Things I should do:

    • That essay I have due Monday
    • That take-home test I have due Monday
    • That math homework I have due Monday (although I have until 11 pm Monday to do it so that’s not as urgent)
    • (I should mainly do these things because Kenya just may be coming to see me Monday morning and so I should go to bed early Sunday night!)
  •  lolquack replied to your post: Is it like, a requirement of pay channel shows…

    Lol. I don’t mind true blood’s theme though, I think it’s for when shows are longer than 30 minutes they do that.

    Yeah, I would just rather have more show and less theme song. Like, I like the theme songs/opening sequences, but I usually skip them after the first time if they’re long because when I’m watching the show I want to… watch the show.

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  •  lolquack replied to your post: She’s just annoying. And everyone is so intrigued to find out who she is im like I dont give a fuckkk just give me more of the doctahhh! AND Whenever she says “spoilers!” I want to fucking rip her hair out the way she says it is so annoying! Ugh! I’m River Song! I know your REAL name and no one else in the whole universe of time and space does but I can’t tell you why I know it because our time lines are messed up so haha! And I can fly the TARDIS like a pro! 0o0o0o0o0o becasue you taught me! I was taught by the best! We might be romantically involved, but just to ensure that we are I am going to taunt you with Innuendos so when the time comes you feel like you HAVE to be with me becasue I have been alluding to it all along! I am also illegal and have been in JAIL. Isn’t that great? and I have MY OWN sonic screwdriver becasue I am just THAT AMAZING THAT YOU FELT THE NEED TO SAVE MY LIFE BY PROVIDING ME WITH ONE. AREN’T I JUST THE BEES-FUCKING-KNEES. Ugh. ok. done.

    wait..whats going on?

    It’s a Doctor Who thing. I’m pretty sure you said you don’t watch it? Otherwise I’d elaborate haha.

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  • I have never been to disney land or disney world :(:(:(


    Jesus Cristo you guys, YOU’RE MAKING ME SAD. Once I win the lottery and/or marry one of the celebrities I’m obsessed with and own a private jet or something, I am taking Alex, Savannah, and Kenya to Disney World and we’re going to stay at like, the Grand Floridian or something, damn it.