So apparently the Les Mis DVD doesn’t come out til Friday?

We’ve already have it on display at work for like a week.

After getting to the Christkindlmarket, everything was absolutely perfect and I was having the best night until he had to just show up out of the blue (when he knew I was going to be there and had no actual interest in being there himself) with some random girl that he awkwardly didn’t even introduce to me and ruin it ugh.

I mean. It was still a good night though. And now it’s time for me to have a Muppet Show marathon and eat my feelings.


Today was shitty, tonight was a bust, and I’m thinking I might go to Wreck-It Ralph because I still could but I had a Bloody Mary and I am le tired.

So. I dunno what I’m doing.

Today continues to be a disappointment.

Wow, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I agreed to watch the extended editions of Lord of the Rings with Robert…

victorianoir replied to your post: Oh, shit, I guess I’m not going to Wreck-It Ralph…

Nuuuuu! Why?

The most concise answer to this question is “a boy.”

I had the craziest, most spontaneous night and I don’t want to forget a thing so here you go.


Jesus, I was actually being productive and working really hard but now I just feel nauseous and I can’t concentrate, COOL THANKS.

lolquack replied to your post: WOW YES THANK YOU I ENJOY THIS CONSTANT FEELING IN…



Ha, I think I’ve reopened a door that probably should’ve stayed shut. Forever.

So I didn’t wind up going to the museum…


Today was awesome. This week is going to be great.


I don’t only exist on weekends.

You like when I take initiative? Okay. This is me, taking initiative. Let’s go.

I completely forgot to mention the part where “And She Was” came on at work this weekend and he started singing along and when I smiled at him he shrugged and said “gotta respect the Talking Heads.”

I already have a husband.

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