I forgot how shitty my webcam is but anyway I just wanted to talk about my awesome night. I went out with Jerome/Robert/Sassypants/whatever he’s calling himself this week; first we went to Clarke’s because apparently he was starving, and I bought mozzarella sticks because I’m silly (or something). Then we went to this little dive bar where we were the youngest people there and the bartender laughed because he looks like he’s 12 and took a really, really long time looking at his ID (like, a full minute). Then when we were leaving he said I was really the only person at work he actually felt comfortable hanging out with. Basically that he likes everyone alright, and he always says he’ll hang out with them, but he doesn’t have any actual intentions of doing so and that he actually genuinely likes me and feels comfortable around me. That made me feel pretty excellent. And then we hugged and I walked home. But not without a stop at work to get milk, including an awkward “I hope he can’t tell I’m slightly inebriated” talk with one of my managers. Eep.

I already have a husband.

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