9 gifs of Hilson being canon as fuck, asked by robertdowneyperfect

You are very missed.’ - Hugh Laurie

Well. Here goes.

Aw I completely forgot the House finale was tonight because I didn’t have Tumblr around to constantly remind me ugh this is going to be so brutal ugh ugh.


“[They] are the only two characters on the show who decide to be together,” Leonard points out. “House works for Cuddy, and the team works for House…. They all have no choice; they have to be together. But House and Wilson actually voluntarily spend time with one another, which is unique to their relationship in this group of people.”

I should just stop watching House right now because I don’t think I’m going to be able to take this.

Oh my god Chase having this dream about Park

Oh my god


omfg omfg omfg the series finale title someone hold me

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House MD: 2004-2012 

April 19, 2012 - That’s a wrap on House MD

#a little piece of my soul just broke off and floated away #the rest will go once the finale airs

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