House 8.01 - Twenty Vicodin


I’m actually surprised by how much I like/don’t hate her… She kind of reminds me of Cameron, but without Cameron’s most annoying traits. The preview for next week is kind of breaking my heart, though…

House 7.22 - After Hours

House 7.19 - Last Temptation

I love me some Hilson subplot.

House 7.15 - Bombshells

Wilson has a cake. Your argument is invalid.

House 7.15 - Bombshells

House 7.15 - Bombshells

House 5.04 - Birthmarks

"You’re angry and you’re scared of losing me."

House 7.14 - Recession Proof

"Our little girl is finally growing up."

House 7.12 - You Must Remember This

"She said my coffee’s not the only thing she’d like to put whipped cream on."

I already have a husband.

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