Walt Disney Animation Studios | 48. Bolt (2008) | ★★★★

Favorite characters: Rhino & Bolt
Favorite scene: Bolt saves Penny from the fire

Well, I’ve now officially seen all the movies in the WDAS canon! This movie felt a lot more “Disney” to me than the last few movies on the list have. I knew next to nothing about this movie going in, so at first I thought it actually was a movie about a dog with superpowers. The only thing about this movie that I wasn’t a huge fan of was honestly Penny’s voice… Just not a big fan of the squeaky thing Miley Cyrus has going on. I was excited to hear Greg Germann’s voice, not knowing he was going to be in this. Though every time he said anything about “putting a pin in it” or “true story” my mind translated it to “bygones” or “Fishism!”

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