Drive (2011): Some Heroes Are Real

All my films always have open endings. All of them. Because I believe art is always best when…you talk about it and think about it, so forth. Maybe once in awhile I’ve gone too far, but I always believe in finding the right balance. And in ‘Drive’ he lives on for more and new adventures.  Nicolas Winding Refn


And you have proved to be a real human being, and a real hero


favourite films: An Education (2009)

You sound very old and wise.
I feel old, but not very wise.

Favorite films » An Education (2009), Lone Scherfig
"Studying is hard and boring. Teaching is hard and boring. So, what? You’re telling me is to be bored, and then bored, and finally bored again, but this time for the rest of my life?"

Write About Love (Feat. Carey Mulligan)
Write About Love
Belle & Sebastian
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Write About Love-  Belle & Sebastian (Featuring Carey Mulligan)

“I know a trick
Forget that you are sick
Write about love, it could be in any form, hand it to me in the morning”

characters who could have become companions to the doctor and we totally would have been fine with it (according to my followers)
↳ sally sparrow

Carey for W Magazine.



I already have a husband.

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I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things. ♦

Currently obsessing over Jersey Boys. No regrets.

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