Placebo » Bruise Pristine
"We were born to lose."

Placebo » Nancy Boy
"The muse in my head, she’s universal."

Placebo » Teenage Angst
"Since I was born, I started to decay."

Placebo » 36 Degrees
"I’ve never been an extrovert, but I’m still breathing."


For What It’s Worth

Mat Devine listed Placebo's cover of "Where is My Mind" and a Velvet Goldmine clip as some of his favorite YouTube videos


This picture is so intense, love it so much.

Happy birthday, boy.

Never Mind The Buzzcocks

His face! He’s like, “yeah, you’re right…”

I already have a husband.

Sarah Anne. 23. INTJ.

I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things. ♦

Currently obsessing over Jersey Boys. No regrets.

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