"Little Town" storyboard from Beauty And The Beast

Tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme…


On February 3rd when Belle got her makeover I tired to snap as many photos as possible. I took this one without realizing who she was with. That smile is unmistakable. 

Character integrity is important so…


Meanwhile at Disneyland, Belle got her redesign look. I prefer this over the bulky, tacky yellow dress. I took over 250 photos of her today and I’ll be posting them on here and flickr soon.


Beauty and the Beast + whatever color I want (pink) | requested by shardsofcare


More surprises at the Be Our Guest restaurant! 

According to the article here, this doesn’t appear on the menu, but sometimes magically finds its way to your table! 



The plaque reads: 

Tribute to Gaston
An extravagantly generous gift
to the humble people of my village
from Me, Gaston 

I am laughing so hard right now omg

Disney Girls + Yellow

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