Washington Coliseum. Photographed by Mike Mitchell. February 11, 1964.

The Beatles resting in their George V Hotel room, Paris, 1965


George Harrison, Cavern Club, Liverpool, 22 August 1962

George Harrison (25 February 1943 – 29 November 2001)

George Harrison holding birthday cards sent to him by fans on his 21st birthday (x)

After Stuart’s death, John and George used to come and see me in my home. It was actually John’s suggestion. John said, “Can I see where he used to paint?” I said, “Of course, you can.” In that moment, I had to take a picture of them and I just grabbed this old chair and put it there. John was just full of emotion being in the same room where his friend was just painting that he nearly burst out in tears. And George was a bit worried, so I just said to George, “Stand behind him.” You could see how quickly George understood what it was all about: death and being alive. He’d only just turned eighteen and when you look at the picture and see his eyes, they’re so full of protection for John. - Astrid Kirchherr

I already have a husband.

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