Your affection for your charge has rendered you incapable of clear and impartial judgement. You have a father’s love for the child, and that is useless to the cause.

fangirl challenge: families
buffy summers and rupert giles (5/10)

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.05 - Never Kill a Boy on the First Date

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.03 - Witch

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 16 - Episode You Like That Everyone Else Hates

So… I missed a day. I went to sleep right after Glee last night (seriously, and that’s 8:00 here), and I didn’t even think about it, because obviously there are more important things in my life. Anyway I don’t know what everyone else hates, so I looked up some lists of the worst Buffy episodes… It’s pretty hard to choose one since I agree with most of those lists. Umm, one list mentioned “Fear, Itself.” I liked that episode, although since it was only on one list, I wouldn’t say “everyone else” hates it. Buut I can’t decide on anything else so there you go.

You can’t hate “It’s a sombrero” and Anya in a bunny costume.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 12 - Least Favorite Episode

This is probably the hardest question on the list. There are some episodes I don’t really care for, but it’s hard to pick one as my “least favorite” because I don’t really remember them that well. The only one I can think of that I particularly remember not enjoying was “Where the Wild Things Are,” but I’m sure there were ones I disliked more… It kind of made up for all the unwanted Buffy/Riley sex with Giles singing…  but not really.

30 Day Buffy Challenge
Day 10 - Least Favorite Season

The first one. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t love it! The main problem with season one is IT’S TOO SHORT! I know that’s not in anyone’s control and it was a mid-season replacement and all that, but still. Also, the largely unexplained revival of Buffy in the season finale kind of irked me. If season one was longer, my least favorite might have been season four or seven. Four because of all the Riley (although “Hush” might have redeemed it) and seven just because… it was just meh.



6.08 - Tabula Rasa

one of my favorite episodes. Giles and Spike thinking their related and Anya and Giles thinking they’re engaged. Awesome.

Randy Giles!

I already have a husband.

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