Sarah Anne. 23. INTJ.

I like Disney, Hannibal, the Beatles, FC Bayern, and Star Trek TOS. And some other things. Like probably three other things.

Currently obsessing over Jersey Boys. No regrets.

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Eric Northman and Sookie Stackhouse in 4x3.

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Favorite films » Almost Famous (2000), Cameron Crowe
"Act One, in which she pretends she doesn’t care about him. Act Two, in which he pretends he doesn’t care about her, but he goes right for her. Act Three, in which it all plays out the way she planned it. She’ll eat him alive."

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TV Show Teaser of the Day: The fourth season of True Blood is set to premiere on HBO June 26th. In the meantime, “Sink your teeth” (get it?) into this 30-second teaser that betrays just enough skin to remind you why this show is worth watching.