Emma Stone & Andrew Garfield | kissing in New York (2012)


Rose / Andrew Garfield = OTP.

Remember this?

 flowerishboom replied to your photo: Rose / Andrew Garfield = OTP.

I wish you could understand how hard this made me laugh simply because I wasn’t expecting it at all and then it popped up on my dash and I didn’t know what was going on and it was awesome.

I hope it’s not creepy that I actually considered how you would react when you saw it. This is approximately what I imagined would happen haha. 

 i-louvre-art replied to your photo: Rose / Andrew Garfield = OTP.



I just need to convince Rose of this since clearly they were meant for each other.

Rose / Andrew Garfield = OTP.

I’ve just woken up from a nap that turned into more of a sleep and I had a really hilarious dream but I’m sure no one cares so it’s going under a read more.


Never Let Me Go

They’re all so cute afldkahfa.

Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go

Tommy: Kathy, what are you looking for?
Kathy: What do you mean? I’m just looking at dirty pictures. 

I already have a husband.

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