#i’m just trying to picture drusilla telling spike they could still be friends #it must have been something very cryptic like #children can still play with candles but the fire doesn’t burn anymore

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.08 - I, Robot… You, Jane

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.06 - The Pack

Buffyverse Rewatch 2012
↳ BtVS 1.02 - The Harvest


Buffy the Vampire Slayer
↳ The evolution of Willow Rosenberg; Seasons 1-7

Perfect woman.

Perfect family.

Perfect child.


Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof, & Satyana (December 4)


FMK Willow, Fred, Buffy

Well I’m definitely going to kill Buffy no matter what… I like her but I much prefer Willow and Fred. Umm if we’re talking early Willow, then I would marry her, but if we’re talking Willow in the later seasons… she scares me a little and I’m not sure I’d want to be married to her. So assuming we’re talking later seasons:

F - Willow
M - Fred
K - Buffy 

Angel 4.15 - Orpheus

Fred: …All this stuff about bacchanals and spells. Actually I think it’s funnier in Latin… You know how that is sometimes.
Willow: I’m seeing someone. 

I already have a husband.

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