Manuel Neuer (244) completed more passes at the World Cup than Lionel Messi (242). x

Guys. Amazon messed up and posted “Stephanie & David,” an episode that hasn’t aired yet, on Instant Video… I just bought it (because I’m insane), and it’s legit. I have no idea when it’s supposed to air because MTV says that “Mike & Felicia” is airing the 18th, but it also says that the season finale is airing the 18th, and that’s not the last episode. Other places are saying “Mike & Felicia is airing the 11th… So who knows? But anyway, I’ll be taking advantage of Amazon’s mistake and watching “Stephanie & David” right now. Just wanted to let anyone else who’s crazy like me and willing to spend $1.99 to watch an episode of Catfish a few weeks early.



NOOO I AM NOT, I don’t know what gave you that impression. But thank you so much for this, it made me smile. I’m okay after getting some sleep. Hopefully it’ll stay that way.

This didn’t hurt too much either…

Torchwood 2.05 - Adam

Sorry to those of you who don’t like and/or care about PATD… You should leave me something in my ask box that you DO like and I’ll try to make it up to you by posting some of that tomorrow (along with maybe just a little bit more Panic!)… :)

Specific requests are cool too because I’m in that sort of mood (although I probably won’t fulfill them if they’re not relevant to my interests, haha).

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GOOD. Origami is good!!!!

Yes, but is it cool?

I already have a husband.

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