• Semi-spoilery Misfits thoughts post.

    (As in, some general things like new characters are spoiled but I tried not to spoil anything major.)

    The new guy is pissing me off. But based on the teaser at the end, I’m thinking he’s some kind of antagonist, or at least I hope so. Made some jokes that didn’t sit right with me, but another character basically told him what he said wasn’t cool. Still, it seemed kind of unnecessary, but I guess this is Misfits and that’s what they do.

    The general plot of this episode was kind of predictable. I figured out really early on just what was going on.

    Jess, I think that’s the new girl’s name… I actually do like her a bit already.

    Glad that there’s more Seth and Rudy.

    The new probation worker is… boring, not funny at all. I take comfort in the probability of his quick death. Come back to me, Shaun…