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dblaksle replied to your post: So I guess I’m the only person who didn’t like the…

I dind’t like a lot of it. some really basic errors and stupid river song. but I still think it was emotionally thrilling and a nice way to leave the ponds

mustcollectallthethings replied to your post: So I guess I’m the only person who didn’t like the…

Not the only one, love. I had a lot of problems with the logic holes…they never really solve any of them. And I’m not really a fan of River because I think she could be written a lot better. But I’m glad Rory & Amy were together.

Well, at the point that I wrote the post, all I’d seen on my dash about it was pretty positive. I mean, people being all sad and cry-y about it, which I guess is the goal, so that would be positive. I really didn’t feel much. I mean, I really wanted to feel something when the Doctor was begging Amy to come back to the TARDIS, but it was all so… quick? Like everything is with Moffat. It was no Doomsday, that’s for sure.

I’ve never really cared much for River, though I dislike her less now than I did when she was first introduced (when everyone seemed to love her). So now I guess this will be my long, ranty post where I talk about all the problems I had.

1. Nonsensicalness / Continuity fail

First and foremost, NOTHING MADE SENSE. And not in the nitpicky way that people can get annoyed and be like “oh, stop it, you’re ruining it, you can’t take it so seriously.” NO. NO NO NO. I cannot be expected to suspend my disbelief if you are blatantly ignoring previously established rules and facts. Things that have been POUNDED INTO OUR HEADS. For example, the whole reason why the Angels are always “Weeping”? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO COVER THEIR EYES. BECAUSE IF THEY SEE EACH OTHER, THEY CAN’T MOVE AND THEY ARE DONE.

In the episode’s very beginning there was a scene where the Angels were clearly in each others’ vision. Bam. Angels defeated. Episode over. Everyone go home. No? Nope. Also, what was the point of that guy at the beginning? There wasn’t one.

Oh, also, I didn’t understand the whole thing with them trying to get to the time that Rory wound up in? Like, they said it was all difficult and stuff and then they just went back and wrote some things on a vase, and that made it all super easy? Uhhhh okay. I mean, maybe I’m missing some big thing that someone can enlighten me about.

AND ANOTHER THING… That whole bit where they could still read things in other languages even though the TARDIS hadn’t brought them there because of some sort of residual TARDIS energy thing or something? I don’t ever remember anything like that being explained before, and it seems like it would have come up. Uhh, I have like fifty more questions about that but I’ll leave it at that.

Also I don’t understand how the Angels made other statues (and… copper sculptures?) into… the same kind of thing as them. I guess I’d be willing to look past that without all the other errors, but it seems worth mentioning.

2. Unexplored/unresolved things

There were so many things and mysteries that seemed to be set up to be solved later in some big Bad Wolf-style reveal. I was excited. I thought there was finally going to be an answer to all these questions. My favorite of which is the third floor on Amy’s house, how there are stairs leading to a third level, when there are clearly only two levels from the outside. I guess that was just a mistake? Such a disappointment. I always wanted to know what that was about.

And I actually thought of like 52 more things when I was at work today, but now I am le tired and I can’t think of most of them.

3. The “punchline”

I saw this quote from Moffat about the garden scene with little Amy and how he had a “punchline” that he’d been waiting to tell since that first episode. Maybe it was just me, but I was just kind of… disappointed. Like, afterwards I just said “that’s it?” He built it up too much.

And… what does this mean? Does this mean that Amy always knew the Doctor was going to come back? That she never had any doubt? That she knew everything that was going to happen to her? Because that makes absolutely zero sense. Sorry, Moffat, that punchline sucks. I’m expected to believe he had that planned from the beginning? Well, I don’t buy it, sorry.

4. The… lack of feels

I know everyone else on my dash was really upset, so I guess this was just me. I didn’t cry. I didn’t even really get upset or teary at all. I thought it was a little heartbreaking when the Doctor was begging, but… that’s it. I thought, "oh, that’s heartbreaking." My heart didn’t actually break by any stretch of the imagination. It was Amy’s choice. She made the choice to be with Rory. I guess nothing could hold a candle to Rose and Donna’s departures for me. But… even on its own. It just happened so quickly. I didn’t have time to care. I wanted so desperately to care, but I just… didn’t. Welp.

My greatest fear in this world is that Moffat is going to wind up doing to Sherlock what he’s done to Doctor Who. Ah, I miss you, RTD.

I’m sure I missed like 72 things, there were a lot of things that bothered me.

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