• Okay so I just started the new episode and at the very beginning with all those weeping angels… I’m sorry, but that made no sense, they were pretty much all looking at each other which we’ve pretty well established means that they wouldn’t be able to move, hello.

    But I’ll try not to let it impact my view of the rest of the episode.

    Except I have to leave for work in 9 minutes, which means I won’t be able to finish it until I get home, sigh.

  • Sep 29 at 04:42PM + 1
    1. mustcollectallthethings said: I’ve learned since series five started, most of the episode have logic holes and it’s best to just…move on. Hahaha. I know Moffat hasn’t written every one…but as the show runner he should be on top of continuity and able to spot issues. Alas…
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