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I just need to write up my character meeting experiences so far so I don’t forget anything ahhh! Well, not all of them, just the awesome ones.

At Hollywood Studios yesterday, we were in the Magic of Animation building, and we had just met Sorcerer Mickey (who was a rascal), when we walked into a room to look at some concept art or something, I can’t really remember because as soon as we walked in, Ariel was just standing there and there were literally two people waiting to meet her, so we decided to wait.

And she was so adorable. Cutest Ariel ever, for real. I wanted to keep her. She was so sweet, when I walked up (with my birthday button, shh) she put her hands up to her face and her eyes got super wide and she was so excited that it was my birthday. And then she signed my autograph book and she was telling me about how Sebastian was having a concert that night and she was really excited and Ashley freaked out and said “I LOVE CONCERTS.”

Then we got our picture taken, and then Ariel just spontaneously hugged me without warning. I didn’t even know what she was doing at first, aha.

Then we walked into the next room over. Ashley was looking at some concept art or something, and I turned and Belle was standing across from where Ariel was in her yellow dress. I freaked out internally, and told Ashley not to freak out. She turned around and we walked over to where Belle was, and I asked the CM working there where the line was, and she said “right here” and pointed to a spot against the wall where no one was standing.

So we went up, and Belle saw my pin and took me by the arm and started leading me, and I didn’t know what was going on, and she was also talking to me, and apparently I can’t walk and talk at the same time and ahhh! So she told me she got books for her birthday and asked if I got any storybooks for my birthday, and I got all flustered and was like “ahh… no, um…” And she was saying how much she liked reading and I just blurted “Me too! That’s why you’re my favorite!”

And she said, “I’m not used to all this attention. People in my village think I’m pretty odd.” And I said, “I think you’re pretty awesome.” Eeee.

Anyway, today at Epcot we met Snow White, Mulan, and Aladdin and Jasmine.

First was Snow White, and Jeremy was really shy and all flustered. She asked if he knew how to bow like a prince, and he did, and then he got all shy and was turning away and Snow White ruffled his hair and was like “aw, he’s bashful!” And I’m sure she said something to me too, but I can’t remember because I was so focused on Jeremy’s adorableness.

And then there was Mulan, who was AMAZING. She asked what birthday I was celebrating and I said 21 and she said, “ah, so you’ve just begun to drink your tea.” She also complimented me on my “helmet” (my Indiana Jones hat).

When we went up to Aladdin and Jasmine, they asked me what birthday I was celebrating and I said “21,” and Aladdin said, “oh, so many new adventures,” and Jasmine was like “oh yes.” They also asked where we (the three of us, at that point me, Ashley, and Jeremy) were from and I was like “uhhh well… I’m from Chicago, she’s from NH, and he’s from Germany.” And Aladdin was all confused and said, “Well, uh… where do you… know… each other… from?” And we got into this whole big ridiculous explanation.

I’m sure I’ll have more adventures to report on after the next two days.

I have a sunburn.

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