House 5x11 - Joy to the World

Wilson: Irene Adler. Christmas, 2001. Sarcoid symptoms but… she didn’t respond to methotrexate. I’ve never seen him so obsessed. He saved her with a last minute Wegner’s diagnosis, but the hours he put in, I thought it would kill him. And then, well… he fell for her. But it was too soon after Stacey and… It sounds silly, but Irene was… the one who got away.
Kutner: Really?
Wilson: No, you idiots, House is just screwing with you. You think there’s some woman with a mysterious green wrapping paper trademark?
Taub: Then how did you guess—
Wilson: I could be wrong. It’s possible a secret admirer gave House the same book I gave him last Christmas, and the same paper I wrapped it in, and the note I wrote.

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